Industrial Hose

Modern technology on heavy industries put a significant impact; particularly in increased output of production and performance boost of support systems. As such, our range of industrial grade hoses is available not only to handle severe working conditions in mines, oil fields & rigs or forest industries but also provide a reliable service for hobby and semi professional machines.

Oil & Water Suction and Delivery Hose as well as Multipurpose Hose are two of the most common industrial grade lines which are used by mining and oilfield contractors. High pressure Compressed Air Hose (WP of 300 Psi) and P.T.F.E (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Hose are also available to meet the requirements for specifically designed machineries which have an excellent temperature characteristics and certain chemical resistance.

Air Hose 1/4″

Multi Purpose 1″

Toyox Spring

Oil Suction & Delivery Hose