Our ranges of hydraulic and industrial greases are Semisolid Lubricants which have a High Viscosity. Applied mostly on moving parts of machinery as a sealant to prevent entrance of foreign liquefied or incompressible substance and to minimize friction between gears when heavy force is on the move.

“EP” or Extreme Pressure Grease is also available to handle heavy pressure loadings. EP grease contains Graphite and Molybdenum Disulfide to provide protection and safety under extreme pressure where friction between gears is on their limit.

We also provide hydraulic and industrial compliments such as Carbon Steel Spring Protectors (From 1/4″ up to 2″) for hydraulic hoses, Free – Moving Flange (From 1″ up to 8″) as well as Filter Elements and workshop grade Grease Gun for optimal & effective working performance.

Below are the lists of hydraulic & industrial greases that are available (all of our greases come in 16.2 Kgs/ 36 Lbs container size).

Top Point 200 Hydraulic & Industrial Multi Purpose EP Grease

YAMASAKI Wire Rope & Open Gear Grease

Cobra Hydraulic & Industrial Multi Purpos EP Grease

Shell Alvania “EP 2″ Extreme Pressure Grease

Spring Protectors, Grease Gun & Free- Moving Flange