Technical Data

We currently use two operator – friendly full – range computerized crimping machines to suit the needs of our market demand. These crimping machines are digitally calibrated to deliver a precise crimping dimension as well as to prevent even the smallest leakage between hose and fittings.


1. HYDROSCAND – Machine Ab Sweden H24D AutoCal Workshop Grade Crimper     (crimping hydraulic hose with dimensions 3/16” – 1 ½”).

Fully digitalized crimping panel including foot pedal mode & automatic release system to provide quick and reliable crimping speed.

Powerful crimping jaw and cold –forged die set enabling a rigid and precise crimping dimension.

 Quiet and effective motor able to deliver a swaging force of 1370 kN with a capacity from 3/16” – 1 ½” spiral wire reinforced hydraulic hose.

2. CD – 150 Industrial Grade Crimper (crimping hydraulic hose with dimension 3/16” – 2” and industrial hose up to 6”).

Semi – digitalized crimping panel including manual, continuous L.S, foot pedal, back – stop device and automatic release system as well as emergency stop button to provide a flexible working method and maximum amount of safety.

An extremely powerful crimping jaw and rigid cold – forged die set coupled with triple sets of bounce – back spring enabling continuous heavy duty works at one time.

Powerful and reliable motor able to deliver a swaging force of 3800 kN with a capacity from 3/16” – 6” hydraulic & industrial hose.